The School House Early Care & Learning Centre - Wisdom begins with Wonder ~Socrates
The School House is a Holistic, loving community that values respectful relationships through a child centered, play based learning environment.

Lynx Room  
Infant-Toddler Program  $65/day
Our child care facility is licensed for 12 spaces. 

Bobcat Room: Duckling, Eagles & Otters
30 Months to School Age Program $48/day
Our child care facility is licensed for 32 spaces

Wildcat Room
Out of School Program: Summer Program $40/day; September; Out of  School $25/day
Our child care facility is licensed for 10 before and after school spaces

Program Registration:

Please email or call for an Application for Enrolment form.
Ph# 250-352-0315        Email:

First Name:
Centre Philosophy

        Children are viewed as capable, active citizens. Our curriculum will reflect the interests and abilities of the children,  as children are co-constructors of our culture & knowledge.   We will make this learning visible through pedagogical narrations or as they are called in New Zealand, Learning Stories.

       We uphold the UN's Conventions on the rights of the Child and will design an environment that is inclusive,  that celebrates diversity and that fosters a sense of well-being and belonging for all people. 

       We have created a studio, or an atelier as it is known in the Schools of Reggio Emilia, for children to engage fully in project work. This will become a  space that children can come back to, fostering creativity and exploration; creating an environment that will allow for the expression of 'The Hundred Languages of Children' (Loris Malaguzzi).

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